The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! It was with shaking hand and nervous anticipation that I started my series of blogs. I do not blog for affirmation from others, but from a desire for some sort of clarity during difficult times. I hope that in my unravelling of self, positioned in the early childhood sector but within a higher education environment, I may help others in their reflection. It has taken me many years to find any sort of voice or the bravery to say things aloud. My voice is often still silenced by others with louder, more powerful and confident voices. I feel that often I whisper when I want to roar. Such is the way in the Early Childhood sector…

Having worked in Early Childhood for many years I have seen the cyclical nature of policy and practice – what goes out of fashion, years later comes back into fashion. Since 2010 I have experienced a downward trajectory of many of the things I hold dear and true. I have often felt voiceless and powerless even when expressing my views aloud. Such is the way in the Early Childhood sector….

Working in higher education was a high point in my work-life journey and supporting others in their understanding of theory to practice, as I had been supported, was a dream come true. I discovered that the struggle to have my voice heard when promoting early childhood education and care, was as real in these hallowed halls as it was in the world outside. The understanding of the specialist knowledge and skills needed for those working with our youngest children was not as appreciated as I had hoped. Early Childhood was sometimes down-graded and down-played. The fight for recognition was just as hard here as on the ground where the real work is done. Such is the way in the Early Childhood sector…

As I started my writing journey I discovered the need to explore ideas related to my identity as a black, mixed heritage British woman. It has been a painful, frustrating exploration at times, but I hope like me, full of fun at times too. For a considerable time I felt that what I had to say was not important, however in my later life I have realised that every person’s story reveals a new way of looking at the world.

What I blog will not necessarily change what I dislike of the world, but will I hope allow a space for my quiet voice in a noisy world.

“One whisper, added to a thousand others, becomes a roar of discontent”
Julie Garwood

Health warning: When I write my ideas flow onto the paper and the blog evolves in one sitting…I do not edit…so to those that are keen on grammar and punctuation I apologise now. I hope you will not be too offended by my misplaced apostrophes – the rebel in me revels in the freedom of ignoring writing conventions. The blog posts that follow are not intended to be particularly academic in nature.

Since starting this blog I have had some writing included in the ‘Hidden Sussex Anthology’. More information here